ISOM Training in Sundanese


These are audio files in English and Sunda, from the International School of Ministry, and are about Christian training for ministry. There are five trimesters of teaching. They are free, please distribute them to anyone who can use them. You can listen to them as a group, for example, in a Bible study.


This is the audio files page for Trimester 5. Download the desired files to your hard drive and listen to them from there. They are in mp3 format, at 16 kilobits per second, and are about 5 Megabytes each.


Trimester 5



Christ Connection    E1        Dr. T. L. Osborn


Jesus Our Model


Jesus Our Inspiration


Our Response




Our Credibility


Our Legality






Living to Give    E2      Wayne Myers


The Maximum Lifestyle


How to Initiate a Lifestyle of Giving


Exchanging Earthly Possessions


Living and Giving Beyond the Possible


Can God? God Can!



Biblical Eldership    E5      Dick Benjamin


What is a Biblical Elder?


The Function of Elders


Qualifications for Elders


The Fivefold Ministry, Part 1


The Fivefold Ministry, Part 2




Reaching a New Generation    E7      Willie George


What the Bible Says About Children's Ministry


The Laws of Hospitality


The Last Days Harvest


Preaching to Children


Pastor-Driven Youth Ministry


How to Hold a Child's Attention


How to be an Excellent Storyteller



Managing for Tomorrow    E8      Jim Wideman


Using Puppets in Children's Ministry


How to be a Problem Solver


Organizing Children's Ministry for Growth


How to Get Others to Help You



Ministering to Youth    E9      Blaine Bartel


Setting the Vision for Youth Ministry


Leading Leaders to Peak Performance


Effectively Communicating to Young People


Planning an Effective Youth Ministry



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