ISOM training in Sundanese


These are audio files in English and Sunda, from the International School of Ministry, and are about Christian training for ministry. There are five trimesters of teaching. They are free, please distribute them to anyone who can use them. You can listen to them as a group, for example, in a Bible study.


This is the audio files page for Trimester 2. Download the desired files to your hard drive and listen to them from there. They are in mp3 format, at 16 kilobits per second, and are about 5 Megabytes each.



Trimester 2


Power of Prayer    B1      Dr. Dick Eastman


Its Threefold Potential


What Prayer Is


The Practice of Prayer, Part 1


The Practice of Prayer, Part 2


The Purpose of Prayer




Ministry of Helps    B2      Buddy Bell


The Journey of a Servant


God Uses Both Stars and Candles


Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure, Part 1


Fear Not Leadership, Organization & Structure, Part 2


Becoming a Servant of Fire




Old Testament Survey    B3      Christopher Gornold-Smith


Approaching the Old Testament


The Order of Books and Creation


The Image of God and the Fall


Babel and Abraham: the Concepts of Covenant


Abraham, Israel, Joseph, and Moses


The Tabernacle Worship


Joshua, Judges, and Ruth


The Kings, David, Psalms, and Hebrew Poetry


Wisdom Literature, Division, and Exile


Babylonian Captivity, Return from Exile, and the Prophets



Jesus Our Healer Today    B5        Bayless Conley


God's Will and Healing


Healing in the Atonement


Full Salvation


Moses, the Serpent and Healing


The Mercy of Healing



Living by Faith    B6      Bill Winston


Living by Faith, Part 1


Living by Faith, Part 2


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