ISOM training in Sundanese

These are audio files in English and Sunda, from the International School of Ministry, and are about Christian training for ministry. There are five trimesters of teaching. They are free, please distribute them to anyone who can use them. You can listen to them as a group, for example, in a Bible study.


This is the audio files page for Trimester 1. Download the desired files to your hard drive and listen to them from there. They are in mp3 format, at 16 kilobits per second, and are about 5 Megabytes each.


Trimester 1



Foundations of the Faith    A1      Bayless Conley


The Authority of the Bible & the Doctrine of the Trinity


The Deity and Mission of Jesus


Salvation, Heaven & Hell, and Christ's Return


The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit


Divine Healing


Church Ordinances




Supernatural Living    A2      Dr. A. L. Gill


The Holy Spirit


Gifts of the Holy Spirit


The Vocal Gifts


The Revelation Gifts


The Power Gifts


The Gifts of Healing


Healing and the Great Commission


The Healing Power of God


Speaking Words of Healing


Impartation Through Laying on of Hands




New Testament Survey    A3      Dr. John Amstutz


Introduction to the New Testament


Matthew, Mark, Luke: Three Portraits of Jesus Christ


John: A Fourth Portrait of Jesus Christ


Acts: The Expansion of the Gospel


Romans: The Gospel of Grace


1 & 2 Corinthians, Galations: Living the Gospel of Grace


Ephesians, Phillipians, Colossians & Philemon: Letters from Prison


1 & 2 Thessalonians: The Lord's Return; 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus: Leadership


Hebrews - Jude: General Letters to Believers


Revelation: The Consummation of All Things




Praise and Worship    A4      Dr. LaMar Boschman


Priority, Purpose, & Portrayal of Worship


The Role of Music in the Kingdom of God


The Significance of the New Song


Our Responsibility as Worshipers


How to Become a Worshiper



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