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These are audio files in English and Sunda, from the International School of Ministry, and are about Christian training for ministry. There are five trimesters of teaching. They are free, please distribute them to anyone who can use them. You can listen to them as a group, for example, in a Bible study.

This is the audio files page for Trimester 3. Download the desired files to your hard drive and listen to them from there. They are in mp3 format, at 16 kilobits per second, and are about 5 Megabytes each.

Trimester 3

Introduction    C1      Berin Gilfillan

Church-Based Training    C2      Dr. Stan DeKoven

Cell Groups    C3      Larry Stockstill

Power Evangelism    C4    Dr. Reinhard Bonnke

Leader's Integrity    C5        Dr. Jack Hayford

Leadership Vision    C6        Dr. David Shibley

Church Planting    C7      Dr. Jim Feeney

Being Led by the Spirit    C8      Bayless Conley

Promise Keeper    C9      Dr. Ed Cole

How to Give an Altar Call    C10      Jim Cobrae