Spiritual Discernment For Pastors

An African pastor sharing at one of my seminars in Kenya.

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This series was designed  to address those issues with cults, sects, spiritual deception and  counterfeit Christianity which are most common in Africa and South America (where Insights for Eternity is broadcast). They are 30 minute MP3 files, about 40MB each. The files should download in less than one minute on most WiFi connections.



  1. Tests of True and False Doctrine from the Book of 1 John
    The tests of true doctrine from the book of 1 John which are having faith in Jesus, and believing that Jesus is the Son of God, Jesus has come in the flesh, and that Jesus is the Christ.

  2. How To Distinguish Between True and False Christians
    This program looks at how to tell the difference between a true Christian and a false Christian. The tests, in 1 John are: continued fellowship with the saints, righteousness, love, and the presence of the Holy Spirit in the life of the believer.

  3. How Spiritual Deception Operates
    Examines how spiritual deception operates, the tactics of wolves in sheep's clothing, the promotion of lawlessness and the promotion of false claims by false apostles.

  4. False Miracles in the End Times
    There are nine Bible passages that talk about false miracles in the End Times and how the Anti-Christ and the False Prophet will use them to try to deceive Christians.

  5. How Cults Manipulate People
    Cults try to manipulate people by controlling their emotions, behavior, relationships, thinking and their access to information. This program exposes these evil tactics.

  6. The Danger of Conspiracy Theories
    Isaiah chapter eight tells us not to pay attention to conspiracy theories but to put our trust in God and not to fear people or princes. This program helps Christian to put these conspiracy theories aside and to be mentally healthy.

  7. Three Dimensions of Crazy Cult Thinking
    This program explains how cults think and what is wrong with it, how to discern it and avoid it and how to operate in the love of God instead of the fearful cult mindset.

  8. Commercial Cults
    Some cults look like businesses and take over people's lives with promises of wealth from their sales program. Then they become life-dominating and damaging.

  9. What is Wrong with the Occult?
    The Bible strictly forbids participation in the occult, witchcraft, casting spells. fortune-telling, astrology and divination. This programs explains those Scriptures.

  10. The Difference Between True and False Revival
    Some so-called revivals are false and do not lead to repentance and true faith. Learn the difference between true godly revival and fake shallow, manipulative revival.

  11. The Prosperity Gospel is a False Gospel
    God does indeed prosper us, but not in the way claimed by the preachers of the prosperity gospel that has led so many Christians astray from the faith.

  12. Magicians or Christians? Jannes & Jambres, Simon Magus
    The Bible records the Egyptian magicians who opposed Moses and the Samaritan magician who opposed Peter and John and the magician Bar-Jesus who opposed Paul. This program shows the difference between magic and Christianity.



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